Study Tips

Here are some tips for taking each exam.

1. There is no penalty for guessing on the CCRN or CEN. Answer every question on the exam.
2. Watch the clock while you take the test. Wear a watch and know your time restrictions per section by heart.
3. Read the test directions carefully.

4. Eliminate choices that are obviously incorrect.
5. Don’t pick the first answer that looks right. Review all of the choices.
6. Pay close attention to qualifiers such as: except, only, never etc..
7. Get plenty of rest before the exam. Don’t try and read a biology text book the night before the exam.
8. Take all of the required identification materials to the test taking center. Find these in advance and put them in a secure location.
9. Set-up a study schedule
10. Choose the right review materials for you.
11. Keep a positive, confident attitude before taking the test and following the test.
12. Do your best on every question. If you don’t have a clue, guess and move on to the next question.