Exam Information

The nice deal with CEN exam is that you get your test score right away following the test. On the CEN exam there are only 175 questions presented in a 3 hour time frame. Remember that hospitals operate on huge budgets during the exam, so don’t just pick an answer because it may be a more efficient way of doing things.

Moreover, try and stay current with what other nurses are doing in the field. Use the resources, journals, and conferences provided by the governing bodies to stay up to date on patient management and treatment.

If you are considering making a larger investment of your time, by taking a review course. Take a course from faculty members who are already CCRNs or CENs. Take a course that specifically preps you for each test. Ask the instructors opinions about the necessary skills required to pass each exam.

If anything on the exams seems certain or 100% of time, be extremely leery of this choice. Almost nothing is a definite in nursing, there are almost always exceptions to the rule. Watch out for phrases that include the terms: only, never or all.

Managing test anxiety is also another big component of doing well on the CEN or CCRN exams. If you start to feel stressed out and don’t know what to do consider taking some time off from study and relax with friends. As you are preparing for the test, anxiety levels just tend to sky rocket if you haven’t taken many exams since nursing school. For me it was like trying to get back on a bicycle. I new how to study, but I hadn’t done it in quite some time.


When you receive your passing score you will have achieved something that relatively few nurses have done. You will have a specialized certification for the field of nursing practice that you are interested in. You will also have the respect from your peers following a passing score. Now you can back up what you know with the proof. Basically, you are setting yourself up for better things. Your patients will receive better care, due to your knowledge. Your peers will have a better source of wisdom and other nurses may desire to become like you. Last but not least you should be able to increase your pay level significantly, if your progress is appreciated by your superiors.

Hopefully, the above information has helped you prepare for the CCRN or CEN exams. I have included some of favorite links to help you with your study program. Please take the time to review the CEN questions I have written. I will add specific CCRN practice questions as soon as possible. Those of you only interested in CCRN practice questions may find the CEN practice questions a good place to start reviewing. Best of luck on your exam. I know that you will do well.